Instant Fans...
"They converted everybody in the house and on stage into instant fans". They had the audience "rolling with laughter" and the orchestra members "thoroughly impressed."

-Music Director Peter Rubardt, after conducting the Billy and the Hillbillies October 2005 Pops concert with the Pensacola Symphony



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Lemar Productions
is proud to be in its eleventh year of presenting the Billy and the Hillbillies symphony concert to great critical acclaim, with orchestras all across the United States, from Buffalo to Long Beach and from Houston to Grand Rapids.

Founder and leader John Williams “Billy” Marshall started Billy and the Hillbillies in 1988 as a highly entertaining group that could appeal to fans of Classical and Bluegrass music alike.

This concert will feature John Williams “Billy” Marshall and Evan “Billy” Marshall and two of their hillbilly friends, performing many of their now famous Evan Marshall orchestral arrangements for hillbilly band and symphony orchestra, including Beethoven’s “Rage Over a Lost Penny”, and of course, “Roll Over Beethoven”, hillbilly style.

Exclusive representation for Billy and the Hillbillies by: Lemar Productions.

"Virtuoso musicianship and side-splitting comedy!"
“Virtuoso musicianship and side-splitting comedy were the hallmark of Billy and Hillbillies’ performance. Everyone, audience members and orchestra members alike, had a great time.

-Michael Krajewski, conductor for the Hillbillies' 2005 Jacksonville Symphony and Phoenix Symphony Pops Concerts


Musical Partnership...
"Best of all, the Hillbillies made better use of their partnership with the Pops orchestra than any act that has performed with them in recent memory."

-Fort Worth Star Telegram in their review after the Hillbillies performed with the Fort Worth Symphony


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Russian Rag


Hamilton County

Rage Over a Lost Penny

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